Digital Showers

Step into the future with the range of digital showers stocked here at Toolstation. Packed full of innovative features, we’re pleased to supply these quality showers from leading names such as Mira and Triton. Making use of digital shower controls, you’ll get the perfect temperature every time and a truly unrivalled soak. Thermostatic Electric Showers Thermostatic showers are those which draw from both a hot and cold water feed, before mixing the flow of these to create your desired water temperature. Through the operating of valves on each feed, they regulate the temperature of the water and this protects against any unexpected drops or spikes in the heat of your water. Digital Shower Mixers Digital shower mixers are the most modern solution to getting a great soak, with simple and functional controls that allow you to switch between various settings. Not only do these improve the experience of your shower, but they really look the part in any contemporary bathroom too. Digital Shower Controls Thanks to digital shower controls, you can change the way you shower at the touch of a button. Pick from our excellent range below and find the ideal fit for your new bathroom or renovation project.
                          Triton Showers Triton Showers Triton Home Thermostatic Digital Diverter Mixer Shower Pumped Ceiling Fed - 23263 - from Toolstation
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