Accessible Bathrooms

ASSISTED LIVING Whether you’re looking to adapt your home for yourself or a loved one, or have products like disabled toilet rails for a commercial premises to think of, Toolstation has the supplies you need. Assisted living brands At Toolstation, we know quality matters. This is especially true when it comes to products designed to keep people safe, which is why you’ll find established brands such as Croydex and Armitage Shanks among our assisted living range. Grab rails Grab rails are essential to many elderly people or those living with a disability. When fitted to walls, these provide support so that anyone impaired can safely lower, lift or direct themselves steadily. Shower seats Some people may experience issues with standing for an extended period, particularly in a shower where there’s an increased risk of slipping. Assisted shower seats are designed to allow the user to sit or be placed in a chair or on a ledge, from which they can wash in a much safer manner.
                            Mira Mira Mira Premium Wall Mounted Shower Seat White - 49743 - from Toolstation
                            Mira Mira Mira Grab Rail 500mm Chrome - 44395 - from Toolstation
                            Croydex Croydex Croydex Angled Grab Rail 600mm Chrome - 27275 - from Toolstation ( 3 )
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